Apr 30, 2013

Style: How to Successfully Wear a Flower Crown

Hint: It involves not giving a damn and having fun doing it!

But first, a confession: Posting outfits makes me feel a little strange!

It's a litte more "look at me!!!" than I'm used to and honestly, I started this blog with the intention of focusing more on healthy + magical recipes.

So why have I been posting so much about style?

You see, I've always really loved reading style blogs and there's something magical about the process of watching someone's image evolve over time.

I've been following some of my favorite style blogs (like this one! and this one!) for years and it seems like their blogs have really been places for wardrobe experimentation and refinement - they've all grown stylistically so much since I've been keeping up and have really solidified their person styles in ways that make me a wee bit (ok, a big bit) jealous.

I've always loved clothes and playing dress up but I think the prospect of going to grad school this fall (eeeeeeeep!) has had me really thinking seriously for the first time about developing my style - who do I want to be now that I'm almost a real live professional adult?

Answer: I want to be the kind of professional adult that wears flower crowns and crop tops.

Flower crowns have been a major thing across the Land of the Internet and I couldn't be happier about it: what's more fun than wearing giant colorful flowers in your hair?

I'm on a mission to make them more ubiquiotous off the internet and away from the festival scene, too - why not wear flower crowns, all the time? That's my politcal platform y'all.

I wore this summery combination of giant fake flowers and cosmic flamingos for a day wandering around LA's Olvera Street - the oldest street in the city, filled with a market selling traditional Mexican crafts and candies, restaurants with dreamy patios and margaritas, and seemingly constant dance parties happening under the street's oak trees - what better place for a crazy flower crown?

 DIY flower crown /// Loft  jeans /// Forever 21 tank /// Forever 21 necklace ///
 Vintage bracelet /// Forever 21 belt /// Vintage Justin boots


  1. I am on a mission to be the kind of professional that wears flower crowns as well. I think they look adorable on you and I love your flamingo t-shirt btw
    xo. Elba

    live colorful

  2. I love it girl! Your style is so cute and funky! I LOVE floral crowns, I made one myself a little bit ago but I've yet to actually wear it!

    1. Wear it! Bright flowers would look so good in your dark hair!

  3. So cute! I love the styling and the photos. You look great in a flower crown!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  4. oh my gosh could you be any cuter! I love your advice about not caring and just having fun! I 100% agree with that and think clothing should be fun, and have a blast with it! I have been wanting a floral crown for awhile now and now I want to get one even more! you look so dang cute in this one!

    1. make one! i got some elastic stretchy ribbon and hot glued some huge craft store flowers to it. I like the stretchy ribbon base because it lets me adjust where on my head the crown falls ;)

  5. Well, I totally envy you because I do NOT think I could pull them off! I always get so jealous when I see how awesome they look on other people, but I just don't think I could do it. You completely rock it,though! I love that you made a big one and just went all out :)

    1. thank you lady but I totally think you should rock one - they'd look so cut with your style! I made this huge crazy one for a Dia de los Muertos party last year and ahve been wearing it as much as possible since!