May 7, 2014

Links I love, Vol. 4

I hope y'all have had a great week so far. Mine has been hectic to the max, these are the awesome things from across the internets that have sparked me up lately:

1. Photographer Nick Meek covered Costa Rica in 8 million flower petals - it's pretty awesome.

2. Aunt Peaches recently posted about avocado and chocolate sandwiches. To which I say: What? And: Sure!

3. DIY statement rings by Lotts & Lots - probably going to make at least 15 of these.

4. Beet juice is the prettiest color in the universe - why not use it to frost cookies? Genius!

5. How cooking at home can change the world - inspiring post by the always excellent A Couple Cooks.

6. Korean food in a slow cooker? Sign me up!

7. One of my fave bloggers recently posted her favorite DIY beauty products - have you even tried to make your own skincare products? It's so fun!

8. I've written a little bit about being a graduate student. All this really means is that I spend a lot of time reading depressing and exasperating books. However, this book, despite the fact that it is about impending environment doom, is actually one of the most clever, interesting, and empowering books on the topic I've read yet. Good stuff!

9. Did you know that doing simple, everyday but creative activities like cooking and gardening actually releases serotonin and decreases anxiety? Yes!

10. Photographs of the oldest living things on earth. Check out this weird 2,000 year old shrub!

11. "When your whole body lights up with joy, it’s really trying hard to tell you something—it’s saying, 'hey, this is important, please pay attention.' More awesome life advice from Sharon Ann Lee here.

12. Yoga as reflected in Ancient Indian visual culture, so cool!

13. Did you know that if you live near a park you are more likely to consider yourself a happy person? Nature, y'all!

14. I found this amazing art history blog this week - SO many great images, ideas, a place of beauty.

15. 6 steps to better brownies, yesssss.

15. And finally, a spell to re-genius yourself from Rob Breszny, high priest of empowerment.

Love, hugs, and virtual scalp massages,

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  1. I watched the 8 million flower petals video and was amazing! That 2,000 year old shrub is so cool too, and weird looking. Thanks for the links, they are great. Happy weekend!