May 29, 2014

Lovely Links vol. 5

Happy Thursday, y'all! I hope your week is truckin' along smoothly. Here are some projects + reads to make the rest of this week even more fun:

Cauliflower-based mac and cheese – I'm intrigued!

How cute is this fabric scrap twine? DIY tutorial here.

Homemade hot sauce is important, y'all. Cooking Stoned teaches us how to grow our own pico de gallo garden.

101 Cookbooks teaches us how to dry all the extra herbs we'll soon be growing.

Did you know that kombucha cocktails are all the rage? Kombucha is healthy, so this mint julep is too, right?

Sleio is a search engine that gets all its results from Google AND donates all profits to charities of your choice. Amazing!

This Tiny Buddha post about finding your life's purpose is really inspiring.

I'm sure you've heard of / seen artist Nick Cave's Sounsuits, but now's the time to see them again:

Not exactly cheery, but an important paper came out this week identifying the everyday chemicals that cause breast cancer and how to avoid them. Please read and send to your friends and family.

And finally, from one of my favorite bloggers, what is the real meaning of this "self-love" business all of us bloggers keep rambling on about?

Glitter + hugs,


  1. Oh man Nick Cave's suits are amazing!! I saw one of his pieces in Washington not long ago and was so inspired, the colors and textures are stunning.

    Meag xx

  2. Thank you for sharing! That fabric scrap twine is amazing!

    xx gemma