May 12, 2014

Work Style: Put a vest on it

This is my favorite mumu.

...ok, so this dress isn't technically a mumu but it is loose, comfy, and I wear it constantly, both to work and laying around on the weekend.

I love, love, love the back of this dress –

Anything that exposes my back makes me feel super smexy but makes it a little risque for professional meetings and such so, enter my new favorite summer-tastic work attire trick: Put a vest on it!

I got this drapey denim vest from H&M at least a year ago and it definitely one of the most versatile things I own. It looks cute with just about everything and covers any creative backless situations your summer clothes might have going on.

                                Dress: Urban Outfitters /// Vest: H&M /// Shoes: Target /// Jewelry: By me!

It makes it super easy to go from work to hang out – I just drop the vest and have a totally different vibe.

That's it for now dear readers but stay tuned for new work style tips + some cool upcoming jewelry tutorials!


Psssst: Have you read about my 40 day sugar purge? I'm on Day 9 and feeling pretty snazzy. Join me!


  1. I love this look - as an illustrator I'm constantly running between errands and painting so I want to feel comfortable in my clothing. I just discovered your blog and love it! I'm following with GFC.

    Meag xx

    1. Thanks so much Meag! I'm in a similar boat - I'm constantly flitting around between making jewelry, going to class, and tutoring young-ins and comfort is key.

      And I'm totally following you back - your blog is gorgeous!

  2. The back on the dress is so beautiful, but like you, I would feel uncomfortable on a meeting or conference wearing something too open on my back or front. I really love the idea of wearing a vest or light sweater, I think is fashionable and functional.

    1. Thank ya lady! I'm pretty much addicted to this vest