Beet Margaritas!

10:23 PM

Pertinent facts:

Beets are good for your liver.

Beets taste great with citrus.

Beets are therefore an ideal margarita base.

vegetable margaritas

Most people know beets as these incredibly earthy, healthy little things and for good reason: they are filled with a compound called betaine which is a natural detoxifier for the liver - it actually helps the liver flush out built up toxins.
Beets have pretty much always had superfood status: ancient Romans considered beets an important health food and an aphrodisiac.

All that health and then they are the cutest magenta pink color ever - seriously! Don't these margaritas just look like a springtime garden party?

The good folks at DIYFO and I made these this past weekend and we have to tell you: they are officially rooftop garden party approved.

Don't be afraid of the beet flavor - it is there, but when layered with sweet sweet clementine juice, agave negtar, and tart lemon its really more of a complex background note than a prominent flavor.

Beet and Clementine Margaritas
Makes 2 cocktails

Juice of (2) beet roots - this was 2/3 of a cup for me
2/3 cup clementine juice - about 8 clementines
2/3 cup tequila
1 tbs. agave nectar
juice of one lemon
Kosher salt for your glasses

Pour all ingredients in a shaker or jar and shake it up!

Pour over ice into glasses with salted rims. Get the salt to stay by rubbing a lemon along the rim, then dipping the cup into a plate of salt.

Mustache straws optional.

mustache straw

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  1. This is awesome! I also love that you have a Kale and Tequila tutorial - I've definitely never heard of mixing such healthy veggies together with alcohol, but it totally makes sense! It's also nice to know you're kind of being healthy while drinking hehe. Baby steps, right? :)


    1. Exactly! I'm kind of veggie cocktail obsessed - maybe its all self-delusion that its healthy, but its darn tasty anyway.