The Perfect Easy Michelada

5:26 PM

Ah micheladas - spicy, juicy, beery, the perfect beach drink. Or drink for when you desperately wish it was warm enough to be at the beach, as the case may be!

There are as many versions of this beer cocktail in Mexico as there are drinkers (really... everyone has their secret twist) but this simple version hits all the important notes for me: beachy lime, that certain claminess from the Clamato, a deep umami from the Worchesterchire and onion powder, and just enough heat.

There are plenty of fancy-pants recipes out there for making your own tomato juice, etc etc but Clamato really is the key for a lazy, drunken  Sunday (like Cinco de Mayo this weekend!) filled with sunshine, your favorite people, and minimal effort.

The Perfect Easy Michelada
Per cocktail:

1/2 tsp Worchesterchire
1/2 tsp pepper sauce
3 tbs Clamato
juice of one lime
healthy dash onion power
healthy cracking of fresh black pepper
pinch of salt
1 light, beachy beer like Pacifico or Corona

Pour everything but the beer into a salt-rimmed glass filled with ice.

Slosh around to mix it all up. Add the beer last and sip and savor and thank the universe for Mexicans and their spicy beers.

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