DIY: Easiest 3 Ingredient Strawberry Face Mask

7:05 AM

It's finals week over here in grad school land which means I'm running on less sleep and more coffee than usual and it's my skin that's been taking it the hardest - it has been feeling simultaneously parched, breakout-y, and dull so as a post study session treat, I made myself a batch of my favorite 3 ingredient face mask.

Strawberries are all sorts of good for your skin: they are packed with vitamin C which is scientifically proven to fight signs of aging when applied to the skin and they are high in natural alpha-hydroxy which makes for fabulous gentle exfoliation action. I've spiked my berries with a little honey and olive oil to give my skin a mega-dose of moisture. Simply blend it all together and apply, allowing it to do its thing for 10-20, or until dried. Rinse off with warm water for your softest, most refreshed looking skin in ages.

This recipe makes enough for several applications - feel free to chop it down. You can store the mask in the fridge for a few days, but note that the longer it sits, the less potent the skin-nourishing properties become.

Easiest 3 Ingredient Strawberry Face Mask

3 large strawberries (preferably organic)
1 tsp organic, raw honey
1 tsp olive oil

Blend together. Apply in a thin layer and let sit for 10-20 minutes, until dry. Rinse with warm water.

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