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Anyone who may be following has probably noticed the lack of things to notice on this ol' blog lately (except for a few random travel posts really just for my family). I've been thinking about what I want this space to be - it has gone through a few permutations, reflecting my own flitting interests. I'm like a bird, I get distracted and flutter this way, then that. And for a long, long time I thought that this flightiness was "bad", that I should stick to a single interest in both blog-life and real-life because, we've all been told, practice makes perfect, and didn't I want to be good at something?

All this is to say, I'm revamping this blog but instead of shoving it into a niche - "food" or "fashion" or "lifestyle" (which, I'm still not totally sure I know what that is...), I'm returning to what I envisioned when I first started this space up. I always thought of this blog as a chronicle of my own search for that illusive "happiness" and my posts, be they recipes or little style tricks, have always come from that place of searching. In an effort to have a positive vibe and fit into the shiny, happy land of lady bloggers who seem to always have perfectly coifed hair and days full of crafty fun, I sometimes lost my voice. I found myself writing posts that I thought others would like or that would garner the most pins and totally neglecting why I started this blog in the first place: To figure out what makes me happy.

Without getting too much into TMI land, I've always had a fascination with happiness: why some people seemed to have it in spades and why others (like me) seemed to always be seeking it.  And I have always been a seeker: endless major changes in college chasing after some career that would bring me happiness, several cross-country moves in the hopes that a change of scenery might be the magic bullet, a never-ending string of new hobbies that just might do the trick.

But rather than grasping at straws and throwing myself towards whatever seems the shiniest and coolest, I'm trying to take a more empirical approach: try a bunch of things out, see what sticks, and hopefully expand my life in the process.

And so I hope to feature on my blog the projects that are inspiring me, the information that is lighting me up, the people that expand my mind along the way.

I've been really diving into this whole crafting a happier life thing and will also be sharing the books that are helping me along the way. I'm currently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin which is immensely inspiring and full of great happiness-related info (did you know that getting just one extra hour of sleep per night equals an increase in happiness equivalent to getting a $60,000 raise?!). Rubin takes readers through a chronicle of her own quest for happiness and my copy is brimming with stars and underlines of things I want to try myself.

So, stay tuned and stay in touch - let's make some magic (which is really to say, happiness!)


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