Bitch don't kill my vibe; or, why I stopped listening to NPR

2:30 PM

If you're a modern, intellectual lady you're supposed to listen to NPR in the car, right?

Well, I for one have vowed to stop listening to NPR (or any news-oriented station for that matter) for my own sanity. And I honestly think it's working.

Before, I'd be jamming along my day, feeling really great, only to hop in my car and get a painful play-by-play of the latest human rights violation and the terrible economic forecasts and in an instant, any positive vibes were straight up annihilated. In the space of a moment I'm contemplating moving away from all this crazy and becoming a hermit. This train of thought was terrible for my productivity.  
Lately I've been participating in this fascinating psychological study that tracks when and where I'm the happiest and it's made me realize that I'm truly happiest when I'm feeling productive and I feel productive when I'm the happiest - kind of a catch-22 but one that NPR's coverage of the world's doom and gloom is certainly not helping me out with. If I want some serious news I can seek it out but I do not need a depressing, non-productive tailspin every time I get into my car.

That said, I love many of NPR's  programs and I've been making sure my phone is stocked with plenty of podcast episodes so I can fill my brain with the good stuff and skip the depressing. I've also been jamming out to much more music in the car via Spotify and notice that by the time I get to work or school I'm much more likely to be in a good mood.

What do you think? Do you listen to NPR or some other news outlet on repeat? I'd love to know what other people think about this! Am I just being a wuss?

Hugs and cupcakes always,

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