Why style is not frivolous + let's talk cute work outfits

9:16 PM

Fact: Style is not frivolous.

It's a proven scientific fact that how we present ourselves to the world affects how the responds back to us.

Style: It's science, yo.

In all honesty, this is not something I live everyday. I'm a graduate student, have 2 university jobs, volunteer my time for several organizations, and am trying to get my jewelry line off the ground. I do not generally have a ton of time to spend thinking about outfits or my hair.

But after a recent week spent in a major funk, I've vowed to do a number of things to get back in touch with myself and my goals, including getting back on the style train. I've written before about how I admire style bloggers for their willingness to lay themselves and their style bare for the internet and it is really something I want to carve a little more time out for each week.

And so, in that spirit, my work attire from today!

Top: Forever 21  ///  Jeans: Loft  /// Boots: Steve Madden from ages ago

Work can be a place of passivity when it comes to style - the goal is often to look "professional" rather than looking like ourselves and I've had a hard time finding a professional-self balance in my new role as graduate student and educator. 

My worst fear in the ENTIRE WORLD when I was younger was to grow up and wear boring clothes. This is true: I actually used to have nightmares about this.

My tactic lately to avoid yawns is to mix in slightly rougher, tougher pieces into my everyday professional gear. So, while I may be wearing totally normal khaki skinnies and a conservative chiffon blouse my well-worn-in fringed leather boots give my outfit something a little bit more "me". While the me of two years ago would have been wearing these boots with cut-offs and some sort of hippy-tastic vintage top, I'm trying to learn how to channel that energy into more serious outfits.

What are your thoughts on non-boring work outfits? Is there a wild-child in you busting out at your pencil skirt seams? 

Love and happy work-dressing!

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  1. This look is neat and chic at the same time, not boring at all! Also, I kind of like the background:)